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Change; Sustain

I will say that I feel quite positive right now. I feel like I am doing right in my life. Moving in the right direction. I will say that I am oddly afraid of this confidence I feel. I am not so used to this calm. I have kept my pessimism at bay for some time now and I must admit, I think I have peeled back another layer of me.

Is it possible that I am becoming better? Is it possible that this could be a permanent lifestyle change?

I'd like to venture to say that it is.

Change is one thing. Sustain is another.

I am very good at Change. I can change every day, all day, all the time.

2011 I am focusing on Sustain. I am focusing on Discipline. I am focusing on Maintain. On Growth. Momentum.

My steady heart beats with passion and I follow. I must learn the distance gait of the marathon runner. The discipline, the persistence needed to complete this race called Life.

2011 - the year of the Marathon Runner. 2011 - the year of Sustained Change.

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